(Work till you’re) musclebound

In London’s East End they’ve been building championship strongmen for 30 years. We go inside Muscleworks Gym (and come away feeling puny).

Is the cloud killing the environment?

In short, yes. Here’s why and what you can do to help.

While it might seem like the cloud is a vague, weightless place propping up the wireless world, there is (of course) physical cloud infrastructure that needs 24/7 power.

£3.60 with Charity Shop Sue

Local celeb and founder of Sec*Hand Chance in Nottingham chats community, haters and the future of retail on the high street.

Confessions of a digital pick-up artist

As the growing popularity of personals ads signals a pivot to a slower, more gentle type of online dating, Rory McClenaghan looks back at the brief period he spent as an “opener” for men looking for love online.

Exploring the science behind the vaping deaths

E-cigarettes were supposed to be for hardened smokers trying to wean themselves off tobacco – but then Juuls became a lifestyle accessory for Gen Z. Now, a surge in US deaths is leading to a big rethink over the safety of vaping.

How porn has influenced our deepest desires

Future of Sex founder Bryony Cole talks to XConfessions director Erika Lust and sextech industry experts Lora Haddock, Justin Lehmiller, SX Noir to determine the future of fucking.

What fame does to your brain

Volume 4 Issue 001: Colour-changing fish, hardwired monkeys and a cocktail of feelgood chemicals. Catch that buzz – fame is the drug that we’re thinking of.

Sex on acid

Volume 4 Issue 001: We speak to the sexual psychonauts trying to reclaim intimacy from plastic porn and meaningless sex.

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