The Face Mix 008: Volvox

Hard-hitting techno from the renowned NYC DJ and Jack Dept. boss.

Volvox’s love for music is rooted in the counterculture. Growing up in New York after moving from São Paulo, she was drawn to the dark moods of gothic rock and industrial music. Later on, she became fascinated by rave history, techno and EBM, and she had a stint as promoter and dancer during her years in Boston at the underground fetish club night Man Ray. Back in New York, Volvox has been an affiliate of the progressively-minded Discwoman collective, and herlabel/​clubnight Jack Dept..– a beacon of credible, adventurous club music on the NYC scene – recently celebrated its 5th birthday.

The festival season is over, the summer sun is fading away and there are longer nights ahead. To help adjust your frame of mind, embrace Volvox’s hard-edged Face Mix in the player above, and read a Q&A below.

What’s the vibe and direc­tion of your Face mix?

I put together a techno mix with an upbeat, groovy feel. It’s banging but not all dark and spooky; this mix is intended to energise and uplift.

What makes you feel good when you’re DJing in the club?

Clear monitoring with crisp highs and bass I can feel in my feet. I want to feel the music like the dancers do, that way I can best direct the journey and enjoy myself as well! When I’m relaxed in the booth, the music just flows.

If you could bring any closed-down club back from the dead, which one would it be?

I never attended myself but it would be great to have a space like The Limelight back… but in Brooklyn? Sadly Manhattan has become far too gentrified to foster true underground culture.

What are your hopes and fears for New York’s music scene?

For those of us who do underground events, the threat of losing precious spaces is constantly something we are struggling with. It has become harder and harder to find affordable one off-locations and everything our dance community has struggled to achieve could come to an abrupt end at any moment. I hope that we are able to connect with folks who value and respect the queer community and will help us secure appropriate spaces to gather.

Who would you most like to see on the cov­er of The Face?

Michèle Lamy. She is such an inspiration, I’m obsessed with her style!

Which under­ground /​upcom­ing DJs on the scene should we should look out for?

New York is brimming with deserving talent. Be sure to check out Akua, Lydo, Xiorro and Adrestia to name but a few.

Photography Ben Taylor Styling Paul Bui Makeup Kento Utsubo Make up assistant Juna Uehara

Ariana wears Random Identities and Kentina

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