100% RV: UK drill’s punchline king

Headie One’s close collaborator talks Twitter, artistic confidence and dinner in The Shard.

Every UK drill fan knows RV. As Headie Ones rhyming partner and a close ally of the much-hyped OFB crew, the Tottenham rapper has been part of the wave that’s seen drill rise from the underground to the mainstream.

Long before drill, RV was making road rap in his teens, and he dropped his debut mixtape Cruddy on the Streets as far back as 2010. After losing the balaclava in 2019, RV enjoyed a taste of commercial success that year with Drillers x Trappers II – with his third joint mixtape with Headie – which reached No.21 in the UK Albums Chart. The fans love RV for his endless stream of memorable punchlines, which are often marked by a dark sense of humour that also spills into his social media presence.

Like most major UK rappers in his orbit, in recent years RV has broadened his horizons both in terms of his musical style and the tone of his lyrical content, and his next mixtape Rico Vondelle includes reflective rap ballads, melodic odes to his love life as well as the hardcore drill sound he first established his rep with. My next project gives you an insight to different sides of my personality” he tells THE FACE, and it also shows more of my musical ability.”

Rico Vondelle is expected to drop soon. Revisit the lead track Back to Back and get your 100% fill below.

10%: Where were you born, where were you raised and where are you now based?

I was born in Homerton Hospital, Hackney. I was raised in Tottenham, N17. I’ve now moved out of London but I can’t really give you the specifics!

20%: When did you find your confidence as an artist?

I’ve always been confident in my craft and my ability, but recently I’ve found extra confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try out new sounds. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve come up with so far.

30%: If you’re cooking food to impress someone, what will you make?

It all depends who my guest is, but my oxtail, rice and peas and mac n’ cheese goes off.

40% What’s the best /​most annoying social media platform?

Twitter’s the best – there are so many funny people on there and I’m always catching jokes. The most annoying platform has to be Instagram, cause people either portray a fake life, or just chat shit in the comments on blogs.

50%: Love, like, hate…

I love making money, like saving money, hate losing money.

60%: How did you celebrate your last birthday?

I went out for a meal and drinks with my friends, then we went to the casino. I also spent a night at The Shard and I took my family out to eat. Not bad considering I was in the country and it was Tier 3.

70%: What’s the best pet you’ve ever had?

I’ve never had a proper pet, I can only remember having fish or hamsters when I was little.

80%: How often do you listen to your own music?

Almost everyday. But mainly unreleased music or music I’m working on, not really old stuff.

90%: Do you believe in star signs and horoscopes?

Nah. And it annoys me when girls ask about my star sign and what time I was born! There’s no way I’m gonna believe everyone in the world who was born in the same week as me has the same personality.

100%: You rule the world for a day. What went down?

I’d make a rule that means I’m in charge forever.

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