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Charli XCX – Guess

Charli’s Brat era is channelling the brash, messy and hedonistic spirit of 00s party culture – which is basically The Dares whole shtick, and so it was inevitable that she would team up with the divisive electroclash revivalist. The Dare produced the raunchy electro house track Guess, which is on the deluxe version of Brat and was co-written by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs. Wear em, post em, might remix it /​Send them to The Dare, yeah, I think he’s with it,” Charli raps with the aloof tone of a clubber waiting in the guestlist queue. DR

Bambii – Shh

Blink and you’ll miss Shh, Bambii’s 90-second dark and gritty club-rap single. Kiss me in the club it’s ecstasy /​Busy and booked every day of the week,” the Toronto artist whispers over purring bass and thumping drums. JW

Harmony – Miss America

On this brash anthem for apathy, Los Angeles artist Harmony (who we featured in issue 15 of THE FACE, alongside her mum) satirises contemporary American life. The girls are getting drunk /​The girls are serving cunt,” she sings matter-of-factly against a classic EDM beat, flying the flag for moral bankruptcy in the face of serious political turmoil. Released alongside a Spring Beakers-influenced music video, where Harmony dresses up as Lady Liberty and smokes cigs in front of the Hollywood sign, it’s a surreal and scathing indictment of the USA. JW

Sabrina Carpenter – Please Please Please

After sitting at the top of the charts for five weeks with Espresso, Sabrina Carpenter guns for pop dominance with – what else? – a sugary Jack Antonoff-produced track about her boyfriend Barry Keoghan. At least, we’re assuming it’s about him, since he stars in the music video and the lyrics make reference to an actor”. Typically tongue-in-cheek, the track is all about Brina’s devotion to the actor in spite of his wayward ways, her pleas for him to behave set over woozy country riffs and oscillating synths. It classic Carpenter fashion, it’s a little retro and a bit naughty. OP

Bar Italia – The only conscious being in the universe

They’re a busy bunch, Bar Italia. Having dropped two EPs and four albums between 2020 – 2023, it was only a matter of time before the London band shared more of their scrappy indie rock songs with the world. New EP The Tw*ts was written shortly after last year’s The Twits album, and this lead track is the sound of energised musicians that have gained muscle from relentless touring. DR

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