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Strutting down the city streets? Or limbering up for the gym? Get yourself a wardrobe that can do both. Moncler's latest Matt Black range pairs functionality and fashion so you can feel comfortable and look effortlessly stylish all summer long. If you're on the hunt for womenswear, take your pick from airy mesh shorts to slim silhouette leggings and reversible, durable, convertible padded jackets. In the menswear department, make a statement with a selection of metallic, reflective outerwear, zip-up sweatshirts and puffer down gilets. Time to get kitted up.

Never mind your humdrum crocodile clip, stylist and North Londoner Kate Iorga has just launched a sexy new hair accessories brand, KATYA, offering red-hot takes on jazzing up your hair. Using her eye for pop culture references – often re-posting ’80s pin-ups and ’90s hot girls for her Insta-fans – Iorga has repurposed the everyday clip as super fun, retro-leaning claws, adding sparkly bits and pieces for decent go-to's on bad hair days. Snap ’em up quick.

If you’re single, stop reading. Valentine’s Day is just a marketing ploy to have you second-guess your tragic Hinge profile and twiddle your thumbs in the hopes of a last-minute date. Or even just a reply.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones, keep reading – and start thinking about how you’re going to earn yourself a shag next Monday. Luckily for you, we’ve meticulously curated your go-to Valentine’s gift guide for all things sexy. We’ve got heart-shaped bags, heart-printed hats, pink stuff, soft porn, leather, lace and a handy massager – for reasons you can keep to yourself.

Happy Valentine’s, you filthy animals x

What are you grateful for this year? The return of raves? Getting out of your overdraft? Simply staying alive? Today, our favourite one-stop shop, Browns, has launched a sexy range of exclusive T-shirts designed by Martine Rose, JW Anderson, Robyn Lynch, Bethany Williams and Phipps, tasked with designing a message of gratitude. Featuring a “Keep looking up” mantra, a drawing from Rose’s children and a salute to Lynch’s mum’s super cool Mallorca T-shirt from her first gals holiday aged 18, there’s only one way to wear one of these: with sheer Gra-T-tude.

If you live in the UK, or anywhere in the upper half of the northern hemisphere, chances are you’re feeling pretty chilly right now. But worried that piling on coats, scarves and hats will hide your stellar outfit? We’re here to help. From snug jumpers and technicolour dream coats to balaclavas and Muppet-worthy mittens, these are the coolest cosy pieces to fix your winter wardrobe, so that you can march the streets with your head held high and your extremities kept warm. Thank us later.

Looks like Christmas has come early, folks! Palace have just announced the launch of Palace Harrods, a new pop-up shop smack bang in the middle of London’s most magical luxury destination. How’s that for a festive surprise? Open from 10th-12th December, expect fancy gift hampers (wine, coffee and olive oil included), cosy knitted scarves and beanies, and even choccie coins, Palace X Harrods style. Time to fill some stockings up and secure this year’s Best Family Member award.

You better watch out, you better not cry: cult East London shop Goodhood has unveiled its third T-SHIRTNOW collection, just in time for Christmas. Aren’t we a lucky lot? A collaborative project that pushes the boundaries of what our favourite sartorial staple can be, this year’s line-up features a selection of tees designed by the likes of Tokyo brand Have A Good Time, Brain Dead, Dutch artist Piet Parra, The Trilogy Tapes and loads more. We know it's getting seriously chilly outside, but there’s always room for an extra T-shirt in your wardrobe. Go on, get your hands on one of these limited edition numbers ASAP, exclusively via goodhoodstore.com.

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