Sales of crocs predicted to double by 2026

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With countless celeb and fashion endorsements under its belt, Crocs’ status as the ultimate stay-at-home accessory is expanding far beyond the pandemic.

Ah, Crocs. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the humble clog-turned-fashion-staple, whose popularity increased dramatically over the pandemic, would be a thing of the past by now. Outside has been open for a while, and us lot have been arguing in favour of an all-out glamour revolution.

And yet, as it turns out, Croc-mania is showing little sign of letting up. According to Bloomberg, the brand is projected to double its sales by 2026 (which actually isn’t that far away, gulp), with revenue potentially climbing to more than $5 billion (roughly £3.7 billion) in that time. It’s been a while since Crocs were reserved for your dear nan to slip into for some gardening work, in part thanks to countless collaborations with some of fashion and music’s biggest names.


From the genuinely innovative to the patently ridiculous, we had the Justin Bieber collab for his brand Drew (you know, the one Victoria Beckham said she would rather die than wear), Christopher Kanes bejewelled iteration (who first sent them down the runway in 2016), Balenciagas super-stacked Croc platforms and, most recently, Saweetie, who is now the face of a Crocs x Hidden Valley Ranch sauce partnership, complete with pizza and taco Jibbitz – those little charms you can decorate them with.

Whether Crocs can maintain such a staggering level of growth is anyone’s guess, but for now, an appetite for stay-at-home footwear is still firmly on the cards.

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