What Heaven’s shoppers were wearing at the London shop opening

Just take a look at this stylish lot. We asked Heaven’s most loyal devotees: what’s your idea of heaven?

Today, Heaven swung open the doors to its first shop this side of the pond. And what a turnout. Dressed-up teens queued in the freezing cold to get a whiff of the action, filling their boots with the brand’s collection and curated vintage finds. The shop, unsurprisingly, looks like a teen dream bedroom, with Trainspotting posters on the wall, Sonic Youth records on display and books (provided by Climax) on Lauren Greenfield’s Girl Culture (plus, some 90s issues of THE FACE).

The brand has had Gen Z in a chokehold since it launched in 2021, with its hotly subversive takes on 90s counterculture, an army of poster girls such as PinkPantheress and Kate Moss, and the coolest clothes that riff off New York City’s youth subcultures. Heaven is an eye-roll, a whatever” hand sign, a tattoo that mum doesn’t know about. It’s a cigarette behind the bike sheds and a midnight snog on the nightbus.

What’s your idea of heaven? Ours is beans on toast, in case you’re interested.

Deba, 21: “LA vibes”
Maxine, 20: “Being my most authentic self”
Angel, 19: “Everything cool in the world”
Becky, 25: “Community, the city, a safe space”
Anna, 25: “Shit that I like”
Ikeda, 26: “Bubble, pop, fun”
Daniel, 29: “Hmm… heaven?”
Emily, 19: “Anything futuristic and unique”
Tyrone, 26: “Fun and cute”

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