The Face Mix 006: Cõvco

An emotive representation of London’s underground.

Cõvco is a DJ and artist who’s familiar among some of the more adventurous corners of London’s club scene. She’s appearing on line-ups with widely known DJs like Avalon Emerson, Ben UFO and Objekt, but the focus of Cõvco’s passion is an underground scene where freedom thrives.

She was a regular with at the now-defunct clubnight PDA, a space for queer/non-binary PoC and a hub for experimental DJs. Alongside artists such as Arca, Shygirl and Total Freedom, Cõvco recently contributed to a fund-raising compilation for PDA co-founder Ms. Carrie Stacks’ project AQEM, which aspires to create a community space for queer ethic minorities.

Cõvco is known to fluctuate between R&B edits, noise, footwork, jungle, techno and rap from around the globe. Her Face mix is an emotional, unpredictable representation of the parties which make her feel at home. Listen in the player above and read a Q&A below.

Photo taken by Cõvco’s mother

What makes you feel hap­py when you’re DJing in the club?

An open conversation through the body. To witness people move, morphing into this free elite version of themselves, for themselves. Touch yourself, feel yourself, be yourself. It’s to make you feel both comfortable and uncomfortable, to see how far we can go. To be able to respond to a frequency of open attitude in a dark room full of strangers, lovers, demons – I live for that. Especially whilst I’m holding the situation.

What’s the vibe and direc­tion of your Face mix?

I’m revisiting club moments and tracks that have always made me feel like that she – that let me pull up feeling and looking fab with a couple of tears in my eyes. I’m in a spaced out place so I guess I’m projecting this position of fierceness and also vulnerability, celebrating emotions and laying it down unapologetically.

What are your hopes and fears for London’s clubbing scene?

To be honest, outside of the clubs me and my people throw personally, there’s not much to say about the [wider] rave culture, as I haven’t really been seeing outside of our scene.

Any underground /​upcoming DJs on the scene we should look out for?

The honeys Suutoo, Clubcouture and Crystallmess aiiii!


Klein – Lover
TygaPaw – Black Girl Experience
N‑Prolenta – Scream Pon Mi
Cõvco – Breath instrumental
Yatta – Desert Song
Unknown – Unknown
Elysia Crampton – Orion Song
Cõvco – Rain Blend
Dj Lilocox – Raizes
Unknown – Unknown
Cõvco – Soukous Edit
LTJ Bukem – Music
Cõvco – Loving me now
Cõvco – ASMR


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