The twisted queer thriller that uses sex as a weapon

Femme (noun): “an LGBTQ+ person whose gender expression is considered to be feminine”. Femme (film): a brilliant, brutal British story of a drag queen’s thirst for revenge. We speak to stars Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and George Mackay.

The best of British South Asian talent

Twenty-five years after British South Asians first broke into mainstream culture, a new wave of young brown talent is bringing a collective burst of cultural excitement, racking up big ideas rooted in politics, sexuality, race, nightlife and modern-day romance.

Emerald Fennell on Saltburn

The director thrilled a packed cinema with an entertaining post-screening conversation at THE FACE Film Society’s preview of her riotous new film.

Julia Fox is a genius

She's helped define modern celebrity since her ascent into fame. Now, Fox's memoir Down the Drain explains why the internet is still more than a little obsessed.

The trans film programmers dolling up British cinema

Through screenings that unearth cinema's forgotten trans women, queer film societies TGirlsOnFilm and Funeral Parade are giving trans moviegoers a place to come together while shining a light on the thorny history of exploitation cinema.

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