Madeline Argy doesn’t get why she’s famous

She’s a far cry from the aspirational TikTok influencers we’ve become so familiar with. Instead, Madeline deals in brash authenticity, which in today’s online climate, is the only currency that matters.

Seven years of grief

Diary is American artist Vinnie Hager’s new digital work: a powerful, illustrated history of crushing familial loss

Kita Updike on tennis tips and sporting heroes

The 24-year-old Indiana-born model and actor stars in Prime Video’s Sweeney Todd-updating The Horror of Dolores Roach. She’s also a dab hand at tennis who carries a mini ball machine in her hand luggage.

Top to bottom: what makes a great gay film?

Passages has come to save queer cinema from a couple of years of so-so releases. Here, leading gay writers and critics including Charles Gant, Alex Needham and Alim Kheraj help explain those ups and downs.


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Taylor Russell in conversation with Lucy Prebble

In just a few years, Taylor Russell has established herself as a critical darling, fan favourite and fashion muse. Now, the Bones and All star has taken her skills to the stage, starring in The Effect at London's National Theatre.

Five sex and erotica books to buy right now

Pleasure seekers: walk towards the red light. Over here, we’ve got transgressive nudes shot by Harley Weir, ’80s erotica from Julia et Vincent, bodybuilders and even some horny homeware.

Is Barbie… everything?

Podcast: We’ve watched it! Listen to our discussion about whether the fanfare surrounding one of the most anticipated films of the summer is justified.

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