6 Figure Gang: the UK’s most exciting club music crew

Volume 4 Issue 003: Dobby, Fauzia, Sherelle, Jossy Mitsu, LCY and Yazzus are the London DJs tearing up dancefloors nationwide.

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The 6 Figure Gang is the most exciting club music crew in the UK. Comprised of Dobby (“the wizard”), Fauzia (“the one who serves the looks”), Sherelle (“the professional”), Jossy Mitsu (“the clown”), LCY (“the cheeky Bristolian”) and Yazzus (“the fluorescent rave one”), they deliver bass heavy sounds where anything goes so long as it bangs. Based in London, but with a heavy tour schedule that takes them all over the country, the 6 Figure Gang’s respective careers are blowing up fast. And when they’re huddled together behind the decks, their feel-good vibe spreads right across the dancefloor.


Describe yourself…

Musically, I play across the spectrum, as long as it’s fun, fast and clubby. I like to say I’m multi-faceted.

Who have you seen play recently who really blew your mind?

Sherelle’s Boiler Room set last February. That’s how Sherelle and I became friends – we were both pushing this 160BPM sound. I also saw DJ Plead and TSVI at Unsound Festival, they’re pushing the boundaries and creating a whole other sound.

What has being a part of the 6 Figure Gang taught you?

That there’s power in unity.

Dream holiday destination?

Worst present you’ve ever received?

I’m always so grateful if someone gives me a present!

Which members of the Spice Girls do the 6 Figure Gang resemble most?
I bet the others all gave me Posh Spice, I like the looks. Jossy, Yaz and I all have similar personality traits. Dobby is like an angel, she’s so sweet, she can be Baby Spice. Sporty Spice would be Sherelle. LCY is Scary Spice. Jossy is Ginger Spice. Yaz would be Ravey Spice.


Who is Dobby?

I’m like the little sister that’s in her own world, but you love her anyway.

What advice would you give to somebody trying to master the art of DJing?

I’ve got two pieces of advice. The first is to follow your heart and ignore the haters. Secondly, brush up on contracts, laws, figures, numbers – everyone deserves to be paid properly.

What’s the most pointless fact you can think of?

I recently found out that cats don’t meow to other cats, they only meow to humans.

Which three artists would you book to play at your birthday?

I would pick Kelela because she’s worked with Bok Bok and Girl Unit, and she’s one of my favourite singers. Then, do you know what, I’d go with a DJ set from 6 Figure Gang, we’ll have all the bases covered. Why not? Finally, All Saints, one of my all time favourite girl bands. I need to hear Pure Shores, I need to hear it live, I need to hear it direct, I need to feel it in my chest.


What are the 6 Figure Gang all about?

We’re all about having fun, being free, being ourselves. Our music is very club-focused, fast, very bassy. I think our energy is infectious, we bring each other to life.

Who do you think most influences your sound?

Labels like Swamp 81, Night Slugs, Teklife, Hyperdub.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I love reptiles and sea animals and I’m obsessed with frogs. I’d be a cool, colourful jungle frog. When I’m in proper party mode I like to climb. I start jumping on things like a tree frog.

What’s your most treasured possession?

The collection of weird records I’ve found. I’ll see something in a shop and buy it for the cover art, it’ll be like 50p. There’s one I found two years ago, the cover is Destiny’s Child but they’re all bruised and beaten up. I listened to it for the first time last night and it’s this really cool hip-hop mash-up.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself…

It’s so nerdy but I used to be obsessed with Yahoo online games, I got on the worldwide leader board for a game called Diamond Mine. One of my big achievements!


How did the 6 Figure Gang come to be?

We all knew each other already, then we went to see Jossy play together. It was a drunk and silly night. Then I had my birthday at the club night Keep Hush and I invited everyone to play, and Dobby hosted. After that, we had the opportunity to have a show on Rinse FM.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

Annoyingly, it’s that to get to where you want to be, you can’t just focus on the music. There’s the social aspect, the visual aspect, everything has to thread into one project.

What is LCY?

LCY is going to turn into more of a performance-based producer and artist. The sound is getting more cinematic, more percussive, more clean, more mature.

What’s the worst gift you’ve received?

I got an anti-wrinkle kit from my Mum when I was about eight, she probably didn’t read the packaging.

What have you got coming up?

Focusing on the label, focusing on 6 Figure, focusing on not going insane. I recently went to Paris Fashion Week with Sherelle and now I feel inspired to make some fucking clothes.


How’s 2020 going?

Really fucking busy, in the best possible way. I’ve just come back from playing De School in Amsterdam. It’s amazing in there, it’s so dark, so foggy. I really needed to pee and I got lost trying to find the toilet. I eventually barged into it and someone was like, Aren’t you meant to be DJing?”

What’s been the most challenging aspect for you so far?

Understanding my own voice, and trusting my own instinct. The simple and overarching reason is that you need to trust yourself, trust in your vision and trust in the music you’re playing. The moment I started playing footwork, jungle and 160 it felt right, I’m eating, sleeping, dancing 160.

I have to be cut-throat, and know what’s a good opportunity and what’s not. I’ve also been learning to love myself, accepting who I am as a person. I might not be the most feminine girl, and cutting your hair isn’t a bad thing. Self-love came in 2019. Still lots to work on, but it’s a lot better.

What are some of the most memorable sets you’ve seen?

Seminal sets for me would be DJ Rashad’s Boiler Room set. That blew my mind. Eris Drew b2b Octo Octa is rowdy as fuck, I live for shit like that. Any Honey Dijon set. She’s the baddest bitch, especially the Sugar Mountain set. Naina has an amazing Boiler Room and Keep Hush – I’m enamoured by her and I’m so grateful to be working with her [on the pair’s Hooversound Recordings record label].

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I would be a raccoon, and I would be so cheeky with it. They steal things. I’m not a kleptomaniac or anything but they randomly appear in places, like a kitchen cupboard. They get up to no good and they live a funny life. I think they just want to be a bit reckless.

If you could attribute a name to each of 6 Figure Gang like the Spice Girls have Sporty Spice and Posh Spice, what would you assign to each person?

Dobby would be Sweet Spice because she’s lovely and pure. Fauzia is Ferocious Spice, because she’s loud and out there. Yaz can be Effervescent Spice, she wears a lot of fluorescent colours and has loud Virgo energy. Jossy would be Wizard Spice, she’s the wizard on the decks. LCY is Vivacious Spice, in terms of the content she produces, it’s not just musical it’s artistic, there’s so many layers to her. I can be Gaylord Spice. I don’t know what I would call myself really, but Gaylord Spice sounds fun, it’s silly and there’s no meaning to it but maybe it represents me perfectly.


What’s the 6 Figure Gang all about?

It’s special because it’s so organic. It happened when we were drunk in a smoking area. It’s six friends getting together, that’s what draws people in – they see how much fun we’re having.

How would you describe your style production and your style of DJing?

I think the two are quite similar now. I’m really feeling early 90s hardcore rave. For production, intelligent jungle, LTJ Bukem kind of vibes. The rave scene, I’m here for it, I love it.

How have your formative experiences of music impacted what you do now?

I went to The Warehouse Project in 2014 and saw Rustie, Kaytranada and Hudson Mohawke. That was the night I decided to be a DJ, I was so amazed that people did this as a job. I’ll always remember that night, whispering to my friend, I’m gonna DJ.” I grew up around dubstep and grime, my roots are in 140BPM. And then when I was at uni my dissertation was about subcultures, I like the idea of music bringing people together. When I learned about rave culture it was so interesting to me. I’m also big on spirituality and I feel like what I do now links the two, spirituality and rave culture. It was a foreshadowing moment, now I’m producing the kind of music I was studying.

If you were a sweet, what type would you be?

Can I be chocolate? I’d be a Kinder Bueno, I’m sweet like that cacao.

What would you superpower be?

I’d like to be able to speak any language, I could call people out when they start chatting shit.

Look out for The Face doc on 6 Figure Gang coming later this month…

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