Does sticking to the Met Gala theme really matter?

Head to head: Year after year, it seems like celebs are less interested in sticking to the Met Gala’s theme. Is it time to stop getting our knickers in a twist when they don’t fulfil the assignment? THE FACE debates.

Inside our boss’ big bad 50th at the EDITION

To celebrate THE FACE’s managing director, Dan Flower, turning 50 years young, friends and family took over the London EDITION’s basement and caused a riot on Saturday – in style, of course, sipping on Hennessy. Go on, wish him a happy birthday!

Touch the sky (sort of) at The Standard’s rooftop reopening

Brits bloody love a rooftop, don’t they? And with the weather picking up, The Standard, London felt it was no better time to reopen its 11th floor. Throw in a Tems performance, flowing drinks and a bit ’o sunshine, and you’ve got yourself a decent party. Cheers.

Party time: welcome NTS and Bottega Veneta’s mighty new radio station

Once a month, NTS and Bottega Veneta will treat us worthy listeners to collaborative sounds with a host of guest stars on the newly-formed station, Bottega Radio. And to celebrate, the powerhouse duo got the best-looking people in the city and threw a bash in a dark corner of Soho. The proof is in the pout...

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