Pa Salieu is African, stubborn and proud

Digital cover story: The Coventry rapper has proudly tapped into his Gambian roots for new EP Afrikan Rebel. Although he’s recognised as one of Britain’s brightest stars, his struggles are far from over – and his mission has just begun.

Bella Poarch: how to build a popstar

Bella Poarch is already a survivor, and a Navy veteran, at just 24. Now the tiny but tough TikTok star is ready to step off the app and head, eyes narrowed, for pop stardom, plushie alpaca in tow.

Welcome the return to proper pop star choreography

A new cohort of stars are hitting the dance rehearsals to deliver stealthy performances and music videos, continuing the legacies of Y2K award show greats like Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. Normani, we salute you.

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