We must continue to say George Floyd’s name

Yesterday, 11 months after the death of George Floyd, former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of his murder. It was an historic verdict, but the war against systemic racism and police brutality has barely begun.

Queer Ghanaians have taken to the internet to protest

Since an LGBTQ+ community centre in Ghana was forced to close in February, queer people across the country have become increasingly ostracised. With no physical refuge, social media has become their place of solidarity.

Deepfakes, dead relatives and digital resurrection

Technology’s movement towards reanimating the dead is closer than ever. But who is responsible for these virtual relationships? How is technology affecting the grieving process? And what can be gained from it?

How problematic is AI technology?

Getting to the crux is writer Matt Burgess, whose new book Artificial Intelligence – part of the WIRED series – weighs up the pros and cons of surveillance, personal data and face recognition.

Abuse of power comes as no surprise, but it should

THE FACE’s Digital Director Brooke McCord reflects on a week that started with International Women’s Day and ended with Mother’s Day – with a series of harrowing and eye-opening events in between.

Age of the cosmic scally

Since the pandemic began, Sine Missione aka “Scouse Banksy” has split Liverpool in two with his anti-lockdown rhetoric. Kieran Morris went in pursuit of the man himself, to find out how lockdown Liverpool lost its head.

The case for online anonymity

In recent news, politicians and police are calling for users to hand over their passports before getting posting privileges to warn off online trolls. Almost everyone else, however, thinks this is a terrible idea. Here, THE FACE investigates the pros and cons.

How Iceland’s football team went Against the Elements

Hailing from a volcanic outcrop, Iceland went against the odds by going toe-to-toe with the giants at the Euro 2016 and 2018 World Cup. Here, writer Matt McGinn and photographer Joseph Fox investigate the factors behind Iceland’s remarkable transformation from minnow to ultimate sporting underdog.

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