(What’s the story) boring glory?

A YouGov poll for THE FACE has found that 70 per cent of Britons would prefer a prime minister who is “boring and reliable”. After countless months of parliamentary chaos, it appears they are getting their wish.

Gobble mode: 2022 was the year of food-related scandals

From James Corden’s yolk-only omelette and Olivia Wilde’s marriage-ending vinaigrette to Lettuce Liz and the tofu-eating wokerati, the last 12 months have proven we’re hungry for drama at every turn – especially the edible kind.

Meet Britain’s most controversial protesters

This year, climate activists targeted everything from a Van Gogh painting to a Captain Tom statue. Their actions drew anger from a sizeable proportion of the public. So, why are they willing to put it all on the line?

This Is England… Probably

Just over a year ago, the England team were heroes. Now they’re heading to a World Cup mired in death and corruption, with a palpable lack of “it’s coming home” energy.

We need a general election now

Under the UK’s parliamentary system, the Tories are entitled to select a leader without calling a general election. But to do so would stretch the fabric of our democracy to breaking point.

Can clubbing make you gay?

A newly-published paper, Berghain: Space, Affect and Sexual Disorientation, examines how nightlife can shape our sexualities. Simon Doherty speaks to its researcher to find out more.

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