Generation Covid: Helmsdale

“I thought: ‘This is the Highlands, it’s so rural and we have such a low population, we won’t get it here.’ But now everyone’s got it.” THE FACE visits the far north of Scotland, to investigate the pandemic’s impact in Britain’s remotest corners.

What is the environmental cost of war?

The destructive impact of war on the environment is often left unspoken. But it affects greenhouse gases, wildlife and essential infrastructures – sometimes irreversibly damaged.

Hang on, can a country really ban crypto?

From China to Iraq, countries around the world are attempting to stop crypto in its decentralised tracks. But cryptocurrency bans are kind of like underage drinking or watching iPlayer without a TV licence: incredibly hard to police.

POV: you live in Ukraine

Ukrainians are taking to TikTok in an attempt to highlight the barbaric absurdity of Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

Will fast fashion ever end?

Fast fashion may seem convenient when you need a cheap look for the ’gram. But no matter how many likes you get, the cons will always weigh out the pros when it comes to the environment.

Can veganism save the world from the climate crisis?

So you've made it through Veganuary (congrats!) and now you're wondering if you should stick with it for the sake of our Mother Earth. Here are all the facts to help you decide whether it's worth never eating cheese again or not.

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