This is the year’s most dreadful film

Caleb Landry Jones scooped the top acting prize at Cannes for his chilling portrayal of a real-life Australian killer in Justin Kurzel’s film, Nitram. But would the Texan actor really rather be making wiggy psych albums and watching vintage British sitcoms?

Welcome to the summer of Big Intimacy

From Netflix’s Heartstopper to Conversation With Friends, 2022’s pop culture is eschewing sex for moments of tenderness and heartfelt emotion. Brace yourself for face touching and gentle kisses.

I have no idea what the Nations League is

Is it football as content? A strain to inject some reason into the international down period between competitions people actually like? However it got here, the vibe is no longer good.

Summer: the season of the hetty banger

Love Island is back and with it, a host of pop anthems and piano house aimed squarely at the charts. But what makes a song sound heterosexual and – crucially – slap?

Five folk horrors to watch after Men

With some critics heralding the latest A24 film the horror of the year so far, we take a look-back at the folks that came before it. Expect pagan rituals, witchcraft and a creaky branch or two.

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