The history of nameplate jewellery

Documenting the Nameplate debunks the notion that nameplates are nothing more than fancy bits of bling, celebrating the rich, emotional history behind the pieces.

My Media Diet: Fuccboi author Sean Thor Conroe

The Brooklyn-based author’s explosive debut novel explores modern – and often toxic – masculinity through a radical viewpoint. Here’s how one of literature’s most exciting new voices spends his time off the page.

Welcome to the year of the cock

Never before has the willy had more of a starring role in TV. But Euphoria, Elite, Sex/Life and, now, And Just Like That, are just pieces in a full-blown, rock-hard renaissance.

What 00s teachers really thought of Skins

Skins walked so Euphoria could run, bringing pill-popping hedonism and teen struggles with mental health to the fore. Fifteen years after the show premiered, we spoke to two teachers working in secondary schools when it aired and asked: was the show actually reflective of real-world issues? Or was it just standing in the way of control?

Euphoria’s Israeli origin story

Before it was an international smash-hit HBO show set in California, Euphoria was a drama about messed-up middle-class kids in Israel. Here’s how the obscure original compares – and why it was cancelled after one series.

Are people only going to the cinema to avoid spoilers?

With the second sequel of a second-time-rebooted superhero franchise currently enticing cinema-goers back in droves, we ask industry experts: just what is driving movie-going post-pandemic? Spoiler alert: it isn’t just spoilers.

Yellowjackets’ Ella Purnell on the secrets of the hit show

It’s the brilliant word-of-mouth thriller about plane crash survivors, whose starving schoolgirl footballers give “eat out to help out” a whole new meaning. As the season finale drops, we speak to the English actor who plays Yellowjackets team captain Jackie.

How Thailand mastered supernatural horror films

Supernatural cinema has become a spellbinding export for Thailand over the years. Starring Tilda Swinton, Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Memoria is the latest eerie tale to land on our screens, continuing a cinematic tradition that goes back decades.

How to date like Ye

No one does courting quite like Mr. West. Got someone you want to impress? Follow these simple tips.

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