What to eat, see and do in Miami

For our most recent visit to the Miami Beach EDITION, we asked Pres Rodriguez, co-founder of skate label Andrew, to give us recommendations for the Miami restaurants, bars, shops and clubs you need to know.

Ah, Miami. We’ve had some good fun there over the last few years, reader, let us tell you. Hanging out with our great mates Nas (??) and Timbaland (???) at Art Basel. Hosting various people at our FACE House pop-up a couple of years before that: Hank Korsan, Jayda G, Lourdes Leon, Rosie Marks, Cat and Pat of Seek Treatment, Awake NY founder Angelo Baque. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

That trip ended with drinks and dinner at the Miami Beach EDITION’s Matador Terrace, where guests – including FACE Council members Acyde, Tremaine Emory and Zainab Jama, as well as renowned artist Arthur Jafa – enjoyed chef Jean-George’s interpretation of Latin and Caribbean cuisine.

Situated smack bang in the middle of Miami Beach, between South Beach and North Beach, The Miami Beach EDITION opened in 2014 as a re-imagining of the great Seville Hotel – itself a do-up of Ocean Drive’s original Pancoast Hotel.

Here is where visitors in the latest fashion creations stroll along the ocean in front of the fashionable oceanfront hotels,” wrote the Miami Herald at the time. Not a lot has changed then.

Sophisticated, glamorous, and the only hotel we’ve ever visited that has both a private beach club and an ice rink (andbowling alley and the best smelling lobby in the business), we were lucky enough to go back to the Miami Beach EDITION recently where, following a quick CBD healing wave massage (you heard), we found ourselves with time to explore the city. Thankfully, our friends at Andrew were on hand to provide a useful Miami guide.


Described in the pages of this website as more than just a skate shop”, Andrew was founded in 2017 by Adrian Douzmanian, Nick Katz and Pres Rodriguez. Since then, it has become an internationally stocked brand, a firm favourite of the late Virgil Abloh, and even made an on-screen appearance in an episode of Euphoria. More than that though, Andrew has become a proper community. A brand that understands the importance of knowing where you’re from – and using that to inform where you’re going.

So, you have the hotel. Now who better to ask what to eat, drink and do while you’re in Miami? Here’s Pres Rodriguez on the restaurants, bars, shops and clubs you need to know.


When’s the best time of year to visit Miami?

We really only have two seasons in Miami: summer and tourist season. Tourist season kicks in right after Halloween [and lasts until] about April – when it gets cold everywhere else. If you want to have a slow, hot Miami all to yourself, come in the summer. If you want to be here when Miami is activated, come during tourist season.

Where’s the best place to eat in Miami?


There are actually so many good options now. Boia De is worth it if you can get a reservation. It just got a Michelin star so they’re getting tougher to get. Mandolin, of course. Joe’s Stone Crab if you’ve never been. I normally go to Joe’s Take Away next door. It’s the same food but casual service. Niu Kitchen, Lucali, Hometown BBQ, La Natural, Bebito’s, Sabor A Peru, Versailles, Enriqueta’s and Chef Creole are all solid spots. Also, grab a few Jamaican patties from King Patty’s truck if you see it.

Where’s the best place to go for a drink in Miami?


On South Beach, go to Mac’s Club Deuce if you want a true dive bar experience. You can still smoke cigarettes inside. It has a pool table and a jukebox, and you’re not going to be bothered. The vibe of that place has never changed and that’s becoming rarer and rarer down here. Margot for natural wine. Jaguar Sun for cocktails and also good food. Gramp’s in Wynwood has character, to say the least. This might be too far out of the way for most out-of-towners but The Cleat is worth the trip – especially around sunset.

What’s the best beach in Miami?

South of 3rd Street on South Beach is where the locals usually go. It’s more low key and less of a scene. Families usually hang around 30th street up. And for the opposite of that there’s a nude beach in Haulover.

What’s the best thing to do at night in Miami?


I mean, Miami is a party town. You can probably find a club that caters to whatever you want, whether that’s megaclub LIV or 24-hour dance music at Space, where the headliner usually goes on at 5am. Floyd for more underground dance music. La Otra for Latin music. There are tons of clubs in Wynwood that cater to every genre of music: 1800-Lucky, Freehold, Coyo Taco etc. There’s a place called Dante’s HiFi – that’s a vinyl-only bar in Wynwood. It’s a small room with great sound and every night there’s a different DJ playing different music. It’s curated by Rich Medina, I often don’t know who the guest is before I go, and it never disappoints. Of course strip clubs like Tootsie’s, BT’s or Scarlett’s. And as far as a late night meal… La Sandwicherie. Any of them.

Where’s the best place to shop in Miami?


The easy answer is going to be Design District. There’s a million shops there, lots of foot traffic, mostly luxury brand shops all in one place. There’s a place called Veblen that does designer resale from an old apartment building in the Design District. You can come up on some really unexpected finds there. There’s a reseller/​vintage store called Daily/​Yesterday. Daily is the resale spot, Yesterday is the vintage side of it. Dale Zine is a bookstore/​zine shop in Little River that is a hub for the local creative community. UNKNWN in Wynwood. Shoe Gallery for sneakers. And Andrew for anything skate related.

Where’s the best place to see art in Miami?


You should definitely visit any of the private art collections in Miami. The Rubell Museum, the de la Cruz collection, The Margulies Collection. The PAMM (Perez Art Museum) has a Herzog & de Meuron-designed building on a beautiful plot of land, right on the water. Depending on what show they have, I would recommend it. But even just to check the building out and spend an afternoon there is really nice. The ICA in the Design District usually has great shows. The Bass on South Beach. I can’t recommend the Rubell Museum enough. If you’re really into contemporary art you’ll be blown away.

Where’s the best place to skate in Miami?


Go to Lot 11 Skatepark. If you want some street spots you can figure it out from there.

What would you do if you only had one day in Miami?

The beach. Go to the sand, get in the water. It blows my mind when people visit Miami and don’t even look at the ocean. Like, you missed out on the best part. Go to the beach. Enjoy yourself.

You can visit Andrew at 10 NE 1st Ave, Miami. You can visit The Miami Beach EDITION at 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

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