Plonk your ass on James Shaw’s hairy swivel seats

Eight years into his career as a furniture designer, James Shaw is finding his feet firmly planted somewhere in between architecture and fine art. His fixation? Normalising the weird and wonderful in ordinary environments, one plasticine toilet roll holder at a time.

Pilgrimage to Gecca

100 Gecs fans have been visiting the tree immortalised on the band’s album cover, 1000 Gecs. Security isn’t happy.

Fine art reviewed by a five-year-old

This year’s art school students have produced some pretty Fine Art, overcoming the Covid Iron Curtain that stood between them a proper send off – a grad show. But now they face their harshest critic: the boss’s daughter, Paloma Gonsalves.

Queer eye for the literary high

Shuggie Bain is a Glasgow-set tale of crumbling families, ruinous addiction and blossoming sexuality. It’s also the Booker-longlisted best book of the summer. Its author, New York-based Scotsman Douglas Stuart, explains his hard road to publication, both on and off-the-page.

Tanya Maniktala: a suitable girl in a suitable cast

Leading from the front in the BBC adaptation of Vikram Seth’s much-loved blockbuster novel A Suitable Boy: no pressure for the 23-year-old newcomer. Especially as she’s backed by a 110-strong cast with one key unifying factor.

Our barbershop, in the middle of Every Street

Five years ago, photographer Nik Hartley revisited his Lancashire hometown and spent two days documenting the boys who regularly visited Stylz – a barbershop in the centre of its British Asian community.

Bone Soda find their Inner Light

The London record label has dropped a slick collection of tees centred around the themes of community and new-gen creativity. Co-founder Skinny Macho tells us more.

A post-lockdown guide to Athens

As countries open their borders for quarantine-free travel, including Greece. We asked writer and model Nassia Matsa to curate a coronavirus-friendly itinerary for your next trip.

A post-lockdown guide to Naples

Last Friday, 59 countries opened their borders for quarantine-free travel, including Italy. We asked performer Vincenzo d’Ambrosio and artist Sofia Ginevra Gianni to curate a coronavirus-friendly itinerary for your next trip.

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