Meet the rollerskaters taking over London

After a spike in gifts last year, four-wheelers have descended on flat ground around the capital. Ahead, we join skate group Watch My Wheels as they take over Greenwich.

Wahey! THE FACE team celebrates our summer issue

We’re no strangers to a good party, our lot. So on Tuesday the team sacked off the desk (for a bit) and enjoyed a knees-up at The Standard in King’s Cross, raising a glass to our seventh issue. Check out some photos from the night, here.

The top 10 sex toys to buy right now

From cock rings and Rampant Rabbits to hands-free masturbators and self-cleaning vibrators, get sex toy savvy with this guide to the best-rated toys in town.

Could you find your next job on TikTok?

Viral dances, cooking tips, makeup hacks and... your next job interview? The social media giant is reportedly rolling out a new tool for brands to recruit employees.

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