The white-van man” stereotype is over

A recent survey found that 43 per cent of van drivers in the UK are women. Half of them read a broadsheet and a third practise yoga. It’s a far cry from the “white-van man” stereotype first coined by the Sunday Times in 1997.

What’s the deal with drug laws in Dubai?

The popular holiday destination has a sticky past when it comes to drug laws. Last year, the UAE announced radical changes – but it’s best to keep far outside the police’s radar.

So, you’re in an inflationship…

Across the country, couples are packing up, shacking up and rushing a significant life milestone to reduce bills. But needs must when you’re skint, right? Call it the cost of loving crisis.

POV: you fled Ukraine

On the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, we revisit the Ukrainian TikTokers who went viral after documenting the war’s brutal realities.

Ozempic: Hollywood’s latest weight-loss craze

The medication, intended for type 2 diabetics, has been called “Hollywood’s worst kept secret”. With countless alleged celeb users under the spotlight, we called in a bonafide professor to weigh in.

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