POV: you fled Ukraine

On the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, we revisit the Ukrainian TikTokers who went viral after documenting the war’s brutal realities.

Ozempic: Hollywood’s latest weight-loss craze

The medication, intended for type 2 diabetics, has been called “Hollywood’s worst kept secret”. With countless alleged celeb users under the spotlight, we called in a bonafide professor to weigh in.

A single man

Welcome to the first of our gay sex column. As it turns out, you can still get royally eff-ed during Dry Jan.

How to become TikTok famous

Sick and tired of the 9-5? Thinking of packing it all in to become a social media star instead? Read Nectarine Girl's guide on how to rake in those views.

Is this the end of the bachelor pad?

It's plagued 20th century pop culture and design, but in the midst of economic hardship and, er, Andrew Tate's home getting raided, it appears the pad is had.

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