Jack Grealish: this sporting life

As Manchester City win a fourth Premier League title in five years, we meet the talismanic midfielder with the world at his feet, a Gucci ambassadorship and the kind of megawatt charm that’ll burn through English football for the next decade.

The impact of footballer Jake Daniels coming out as gay

Yesterday, the Blackpool player publicly came out – the first professional player to do so since Justin Fashanu in 1990. While there’s loads more work left to do to tackle homophobia in sport, this is a huge win for the future of football.

What to watch: the best anime on Netflix in 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or novice watcher, here’s a guide to the best knee-slapping comedies, nail-biting action dramas and reimagined cyberpunk classics to watch on the platform this year.

10 unmissable new books to devour this month

Sick of doomscrolling? Anna Cafolla selects the juiciest reads to dig into this month, from thrilling erotica and pop culture deep dives to explorations of New York's seedy underbelly – you name it, we’ve got it.

Does sticking to the Met Gala theme really matter?

Head to head: Year after year, it seems like celebs are less interested in sticking to the Met Gala’s theme. Is it time to stop getting our knickers in a twist when they don’t fulfil the assignment? THE FACE debates.

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