Wait, is Addison Rae cool now?

Thanks to music leaks and Praying ads, it seems like everyone’s becoming Addison Rae stans – *gasp* – unironically. Oh, how the tables have turned.

The solid gold cock ring worth £25k

Head to head: Frank Ocean has released a solid gold, diamond-encrusted cock ring for his luxury brand, Homer. A bit of fun or a little on the heavy side? THE FACE debates.

Amandla Stenberg: from child stardom to hot girl horror

Digital cover: In A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies, the 23-year-old swaps Young Adult fiction for Young Adult friction. After coming of age in the spotlight, her turn in this summer’s sexy, acidic slasher is her most gratifying role yet.

My Media Diet: Angela Hui on her debut novel, Takeaway

Chinese might be one of the nation’s favourite takeaways, but it didn’t feel like that when Hui grew up above one in rural South Wales. Here, she talks about the new book and what she gets up to beyond the confines of her stovetop.

My Media Diet: The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri

From binge-watching British murder mysteries to sending Jeremy Allen White memes to the show’s group chat, here’s how the hit series’ breakout star spends her time on the internet.

Should you use a tear stick to fake cry?

Actress Annie Hamilton recently revealed that she used a Kryolan Tear Stick to cheat it at an audition. But should you use it in your personal life, too? For crying out loud...

The content mania of the football transfer window

Football journalists, owners and directors have become stars in their own right to modern fans obsessed with structure and status. Now, transfers have become a new sport that feels separate to football itself.

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