The delicate syncretism of Ahluwalia

After a busy year, sustainably-minded designer Priya Ahluwalia presents her biggest and most accomplished collection to date, transcending time, borders and generations.

Art School finds the light amidst the dark

There’s a palpable confidence in Eden Loweth’s second season at the helm of his brand since the departure of his partner. This season, there’s a refined attitude and a broader spectrum of political messaging throughout.

Come to Daddy (Bears)

This alt-homeware brand is sewing and stuffing off-the-wall objects to spruce up your pad, while also providing some much needed lockdown stress relief.

AGR finds the uncommon thread in British knitwear design

Knitting ain’t just for nans, and Alicia Robinson is proving it head on. A disruptor at heart, the designer draws from rebellious subcultures of Britain’s hazy past to create bold new statements, challenging common knitwear tropes in 2021.

It’s a (Fendi) family affair

Kim Jones’ debut Fendi couture show as creative director saw him merge British romanticism with the ornate origins of the Italian house, with deeply historical references feeling ever more contemporary.

Open wide! A new dawn for grillz

Jewellers like Clova Rae-Smith, Juanita Care, Joshua Myszczynski and Gabby Elan have sunk their teeth into the art of grill-making. As lockdown drags on, THE FACE explores how social media is changing the way we view mouth bling in 2021.

Kim Jones is making a case for masculine finery

The artistic director's AW21 Dior Men's collection hones in on the ceremony of the everyday. Think: extreme opulence with a flourish of subversion that explores the cross-pollination between fashion and art.

Dream on with Isabel Marant

The French house’s AW21 menswear collection references the day-dreaming haze of, well, right now – when the closest we’ll get to freedom is bouncing wall-to-wall around our living rooms.

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